May 15, 2014 2 min read

Doing Thousands of Facials Has Taught Me

I make a living analyzing and treating skin. Here are the secrets I've picked up throughout the years:

People with great skin in their50-60s use SPF

Want to look amazing as you get older? Use sunscreen. I see women in their early 60s and I can tell instantly who has taken care of their skin by wearing sunscreen and who hasn't. It's a dramatic difference. And it's a total myth that all of your sun damage was done when you were a kid. You can still prevent wrinkles and pigmentation (not to mention skin cancer!) by wearing sunscreen now. 

People with amazing complexions exfoliate

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Exfoliating twice a week is the best way to slough off the dead skin cells to reveal new, brighter skin. It's transformative on a few levels. I can feel kind of blah, and then I'll exfoliate and feel like a new person.

A bad diet is the devil

Eating sugar-filled, packaged foods makes your skin dull and clogs your pores. And your skin will give you instant feedback on this front. I've been off gluten since September, but I ate some when I was traveling. Then, I came home and kept eating it ... and broke out along my hairline and neck as a result.

You have to wash your face before bed

Period. So many people don't do this, or they use those cloths that really don't work well to take off all of your makeup and environmental grime. In addition to cleansing every night, use a toner a couple times a week, which helps keep blackheads away and gets rid of excess surface dirt.

Eating loads of vegetables makes you glow

When your body is alkaline, it's just going to help your skin. Pack your diet with as many vegetables as possible and you won't have room for the bad stuff. That's my goal this summer.

You need to invest in good-quality skin care (but don't need to spend hundreds of dollars). Find a skin care line from a company that looks like they're serious about the ingredients they use. How? Companies that spend a lot of time talking about their ingredients and how they source those ingredients is usually a good tip-off. In general, look for limited chemicals, organic ingredients, and not too many essential oils (which some organic lines can do).

You get amazing, immediatebenefits after a facial

Even better, establish a regular appointment schedule with an esthetician and your skin will transform. Facials are definitely pampering, but there's a bigger purpose than that.