We love to see gorgeous brides with glowing skin!

Alexandra  loves working with brides-to-be and help them develop a face care routine that will lead to a picture-perfect complexion for the big day. Whether you come to us a year or a few days before your wedding, we will suggest a bridal skin care program that will be best for your specific concerns, your budget, and your time line. From severe acne to aging skin to just getting that healthy-looking glow, we will work with you to make sure your skin is gorgeous on your wedding day.


Alexandra is the only person I will ever let touch my face again. She has single-handedly cured years and years of buildup in my pores that no one else (nor any other products or devices..and I tried many!) has ever been able to successfully do. I have always had "bad" skin.

The year before my wedding, I came to Alexandra every 4-6 weeks religiously and followed her simple maintenance routine of cleanser, toner and moisturizer that she recommended based on my skin type.

After the first facial I could tell that it was the best, most thorough facial I had ever received, and after about the third my family and friends were noticing not just how much my skin had cleared up but how healthy and glowing it looked too.

She is truly the only person I will trust with not only my skin but my eyebrow shaping and lash tinting too. Hands down best esthetician I can imagine in existence.




I can't say enough good things about Alexandra.  Her facials are amazing and the space she works in is lovely.  This is not your run of the mill spa facial.

Alexandra develops a customized plan, executes it meticulously, and leaves your skin looking radiant.  I originally planned to just get a facial here and there in the lead up to my wedding, but her work was so good--and the experience was so relaxing--that I ended up scheduling regular appointments.  It was the best thing I could have done.  My skin has never looked better.




I've been going to see Robyn at Alexandra Wagner's salon for over a year now. When I got engaged, Robyn and I discussed how I wanted my skin to be radiant and glowing. I wanted to be as natural as possible so my husband would still recognize me when I walked down the aisle :)

I went every month for my facial, and I can honestly say, my skin never looked better.

On my wedding day my makeup artist kept marveling at how great my skin was to work with - and how unblemished it was.

Growing up in South Africa, and living in LA, I'm constantly in the sun and have sun damage - something Robyn has worked with in rectifying. After a year seeing Robyn, I never suffer from breakouts other than an odd pimple, my pores are clean and my skin glows - I never wear foundation anymore, and only resort to a light coverage with tinted moisturizer.

The salon is always a treat to visit - clean, serene, quiet, with great music to really relax you in the hour you are there. I highly recommend a visit, and it really is money worth spending.




I am so glad I went to see Alexandra 2 days before my wedding - It ensured my skin was glowing on the day, and was one less thing to feel nervous about! I have been seeing her for years, and I knew she would have the right program for my skin leading up to the wedding.




Alexandra is life changing! In all honesty, I never really believed in facials until I found Alexandra. I had had my fair share and never saw any change or improvement or the dewy glow that they always promised. While I don't really have problem skin, I have stress breakouts on my chin pretty consistently and a few months before my wedding I wanted to see if there was a way to clear this up. I actually went the dermatology route first because I never had any luck with facials but I wasn't sold on their recommendations so I asked a few friends for recommendations. Two separate friends led me to Alexandra and I feel SO lucky that they did!

From the very first appointment there was a drastic improvement - my skin was clean and clear. Simple as that. It felt great and it looked great and what really won me over was her signature facial and magical touch. She doesn't push a bazillion products on you - she makes great recommendations that are basic and you feel like she is really looking out for your skin's best interest - I used a cleanser, moisturizer and exfoliator to keep up my complexion between facials and it worked like a charm! I saw her about every 6 weeks for 6 months leading up to our wedding and couldn't have been happier with the results. I recommend her to everyone! And the best part? From the second you meet her you know you are in good hands - she's honest, knowledgeable, relaxed and wonderful!




Being a 38 year old bride, I started seeing Alexandra once every 4-5 weeks about 10 months prior to my wedding day. My skin was fine, no blemishes or acne to overcome, but I felt like it was looking a little dull and tired. I asked Alexandra if she could work some magic to restore the "glow" a bit. I was literally transformed after one visit. Microderm and microcurrent were a monthly mandatory for me. My skin was so smooth and taut after my treatment, it was seriously like I had botox (and I never have and really didn't want to take that route).

It's worth mentioning that I get asked about my skin and "what I'm doing" regularly (particularly the first few days after a treatment). I've been getting facials since my young 20's and Alexandra is the best in the biz by me. I'm a devotee for life.