Meet Alexandra

Artist | Aesthetician | Altruist | Traveler


Alexandra has been an artist since a young age, working with many mediums throughout her career. International travel is an inspirational source that led to a love of giving back. Although skincare was never part of her “plan,” it aligned with her values of creativity and altruism. Many artists inspire Alexandra, and as an artist herself, the White Tiger Collection was introduced to the skincare world as her take on an art collection.


Initially launching her career in New York, expert esthetician Alexandra Wagner has spent over 18 years running her skincare studio in Venice, California. Her loyal clientele includes celebrities, editors, and longtime local devotees who rely on her healing hands to give their complexions a healthy, radiant glow and overall well-being. Alexandra has been featured in top media outlets such as Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, W, and Goop.

Mission and Vision

My goal is to build inner-confidence through skincare as a catalyst to holistic health by providing an authentic environment that offers transformational services and effective products. This is how we can together craft a collective future of mutual respect, empathy, and generosity through a philosophy of self-care and self-love.

Alexandra Wagner Skincare is an extension of my background as an artist. My practice is rooted in authenticity, creativity, and altruism—providing a nurturing environment centered in self-love. California’s active, coastal lifestyle primarily influences how i've carefully crafted my products, giving adequate protection and recovery from the sunny outdoors.