Giving Back

Alexandra believes that giving back is an essential part of living a healthy life. She has donated to different art nonprofits all over the world that help bring art to children and communities in need.


Why Art?

Alexandra has been an artist all her life, has shown her work over the years and is often working on commissioned paintings. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. "When I'm creating art I'm most inspired, I feel most connected to myself - it's a way for me to escape into a more creative, enjoyable state of being. Art, particularly drawing and painting, is a sacred thing for me - it's what I value most, what's most essential to my happiness in life," says Alexandra. You can view her latest artwork at

In 2008 Alexandra visited a school in Cambodia for children affected with HIV; she brought art supplies from the U.S., all funded by her business - Alexandra Wagner Skin Care. She witnessed firsthand the great impact such gift could make. "I was so deeply moved by how these children just lit up and were so full of gratitude," says Alexandra. This experience was so profound for her that she felt inspired to continue working with children in this way.

By combining her passions for skin care and art, Alexandra has created a unique way to provide children in need with access to art, "It's an easy way to care for yourself and for others. To enrich children's lives through art gives our own lives more meaning as well. Art is something that can nourish people in such a deep and profound way. Many children don't get the opportunity to explore anything outside of getting their basic needs met, and art allows them to discover and cultivate not only a potential talent and gift, but to foster something that is uniquely their own - their creative self-expression."