Brow Maintenance | $35
Brow Style & Shape | $45
Bikini wax | $45
Brazilian wax | $70
Underarm wax | $25
Back wax | $70
Half Arm wax | $30
Full Arm wax | $40
Lower Leg wax | $55
Upper Leg wax | $60
Full Leg wax | $80
Lip wax | $20
Chin wax | $15


We offer a number of unwanted hair removal options.
From brow waxing and tinting to facial hair removal, Alexandra Wagner
Skincare’s talented estheticians will help you look and feel like a million bucks.
We use Cirepil Blue No Strip Wax, which is a soothing, no-strip wax from Paris
that’s excellent for sensitive skin. When covering larger areas of the body, we
use Azulene Green & Hibiscus waxes, which are also very gentle. As for double-
dipping and messy waxing stations—NEVER! We never double-dip and keep
our waxing stations immaculate.