January 07, 2014 2 min read

Cooler weather and more time spent indoors means you've got to make some changes to your skin care routine this time of year. (Yes, even here in SoCal, as the Santa Anna winds make skin much dryer in wintertime!) Here's what you need to do to keep your skin hydrated and glowing all season long.

 Exfoliate more: A lot of my clients think that when their skin is dry, they just need to moisturize. But if you put moisturizer on skin that hasn't been exfoliated, all of those dead skin cells will prevent the moisturizer from getting absorbed. So, this time of year you'll want to step up your exfoliation by once a week. If you normally exfoliate twice a week, do it three times. Your skin will thank you.

 Add some oil: Adding a drop or two of argan oil on top of your moisturizer can totally transform your skin. If you're scared of oil because you've got acne-prone, oily skin, don't be. When you add oil to your skin, it actually tricks your complexion into thinking it's making enough oil, so in fact it helps regulate oil production. 

Switch moisturizers: In the winter, you'll

need a richer, thicker moisturizer or an oil. Personally, I love using a facial oil in the winter. It gives me just the right amount of hydration and soaks into my skin without leaving me looking greasy. If you're married to using your go-to moisturizer, go ahead and stick to it - but be sure you're doingone extra exfoliation each week! You want to make sure that moisturizer is penetrating your skin. 

Apply moisture when your face is damp: I always tell my clients to put on their serum and moisturizer when their face is a little wet. You'll actually trap the water molecules on your face, boosting hydration and even helping the serum and moisturizer better penetrate your skin.