March 15, 2014 1 min read


Want to transform your skin fast-without spending a penny?

Ditch sugar from your diet. It really is that simple. Sugar spikes your insulin, which messes with your hormones and over time, wreaks havoc on the aging process. When I see clients who've reduced their sugar intake, their skin has this internal glow that's amazing.  

Of course, a girl's got to indulge every so often. When I get a sugar craving, I go to Café Gratitude and order an almond joy ball. Sure, there's chocolate in it, but it's much better than eating some processed snack. Berries and other fruits are also great choices if you've got a sweet tooth. So, get into the habit of reaching for healthy sweets and ditching the junk. And trust me - your perfect complexion will be reason enough to stick to this springtime resolution.