May 15, 2014 1 min read


Don't forget to put sunblock onthe back of your neckI had a little basal cell removed on my neck a few years ago... Spot that is easily forgotten!

Reduce and prevent pigmentation with SPF. 

Clients can see a significant decrease in hyper- pigmentation when they take the time to sunscreen their face on a consistent basis.

Don't pick that pimple, no matter what. Use a spot treatment with either sulfur or salicylic acid and then put a mask spot treatment over night to help dry the pimple. Days 15-28 of menstral cycle- your body produces more progesterone, follicle walls, swell trapping, excess oil, and cell debris under the skin - for women great app to keep track of you cycle as well as what your skin is doing is - Period Plus. If you know what your cycle is about you can be more aware of when your skin may break out, and be on top of your breakouts.

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