November 15, 2013 2 min read

Want your skin to look amazing for all of the parties and family gatherings that are coming up in the next few weeks? Follow this advice from Alexandra:  

Start eating less sugar & drinking less alcohol:

Yes, I know how tough that can be this time of year. But especially on days when you don't have anything going on, eat clean and steer clear of the wine. This way, you can splurge a little when you're out and your body will be able to handle it. 

Fine tune your skin care regimen:

I'm all about keeping it simple. Exfoliate one to three times a week. Use an anti-aging serum (my new one is chock-full of goodies!). If your skin's feeling extra dry, add a drop or a few of oil to your moisturizer (it won't clog your pores and adds a little extra nourishment). And of course, continue to wear your SPF, even in the winter.

Don't wear a lot of makeup:  

I actually don't believe in a lot of makeup on the skin. But if you want a little extra coverage, I LOVE Dr. Haushka Translucent Bronze Concentrate. Foundation doesn't let your skin breath -- and it needs to breath to be healthy! If I'm going out, I put this on after my serum, moisturizer, and SPF. It gives a nice, healthy glow. (If you want more coverage, Jane Iredale makes a great mineral makeup that is light on the skin and wont clog your pores.)

Use a mask once a week: It's the skin care step so many of us skip, but it really goes a long way toward making your skin look great.

Book monthly facials: If you can't get in every month, try for once every 6 weeks. And be sure to maintain your skin between facials by being diligent about your cleanse-serum-moisturizer-SPF routine, as well as weekly masks!